Portugal’s swift action kept the Coronavirus caseflow low compared to its neighbouring European countries.

Playground implemented in all work phases (pre production, shooting and post production) all the directives from the Portuguese Government and APTA (Portuguese Group of Audiovisual Technicians).

Each filming department (production, wardrobe, art department, etc) developed its own protocol that was approved and disseminated by APTA.

These measures were created so that is still possible to develop our work, protecting everyone involved in the process (crew, actors, clients): use of mask, social distance, disinfection of locations, base camps, wardrobe, props and equipment; meetings will be held by conference calls like PPM's and Approvals.


Week of May 4th: There are currently some travel restrictions to Portugal. Flights from and to the US are temporarily suspended, as most flights out of the European Union.

In Europe there are incoming flights from the UK (London), France (Paris), Belgium (Liege), Ireland (Dublin), Germany (Frankfurt, Cologne), Austria (Viena) and Switzerland (Zurich). We will update this segment every week, but if you need any information, please reach out and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Playground offers a remote solution for any non-travelling clients, agencies and crew members. Our setup includes high-speed 4G internet connection, and an optional satellite connection, in order to always have a stable remote feed of our shoot. Our remote solution also includes a dedicated group of crew members that will be controlling and assisting along the stream, to guarantee that the feed is stable and that communication between all parts is always aligned. Please reach us for any further information on this subject.

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